Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yes Man in December 2008

Jim Carrey whose career was kind of ailing may back to a higher level with Yes Man. The movie is adapted from humorist Danny Wallace's book of the same name which was published in July 2005.

In his book Wallace describes how he spent six months "saying Yes where once would have said No": the book shows the tribulations and mischief that he got up to while he said yes to any question or proposal.

The film adapted from the book is directed by Peyton Reed and stars Jim Carrey and should be released in December 2008.

The plot:
"A man (Jim Carrey) decides to say yes to everything that comes his way in his life, leading to a series of comedic events."

Jim Carrey
Let's hope this movie will mean the real comeback of Jim Carrey on the comedy scene.


Stacey said...

After watching the trailer, I am quite disappointed. I knew that with my favorite book turned into a movie there would be lots of mistakes and things not sticking to the book, but this is an insult to Danny Wallace.